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Duffy Fainer is a fun, quick witted and upbeat game show host

Hosting game shows for corporate audiences customized for your sales teams, associations or general entertainment.

Experienced in shows similar to Jeapordy, Millionaire, Triva and Family Feud format

Your Corporate Meeting event becomes a game show, that conveys important information, captivates and entertains the audience.

The client provides the questions, which can be specific to your sales and marketing, certification requirements or a product line. This customizes the show for the audience, makes it product specific and promotes sales.

The Contestants are presented with multiple choice answers, just like a popular television show format. Music pumps up the excitement throughout the show. The stage setup is reminiscent of the popular TV show, complete with LCD computer screen, moving lighting and large magnified rear projected video screen.

Duffy explains the rules, so that they're clear and specific. He brings contestants up to the stage, engages the audience and energetically poses the questions and keep the pace lively.

game show host
Here's some fun video demonstrations: