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Canadian Record-two formation sequential with full break between points, Farnham, Quebec, August 15, 2019 (click to enlarge)

130 man "Parachutists over Phorty", over Perris CA, Oct 17, 2016 (click to enlarge)


186 man "Phoenix", over Deland Florida, April 17, 2011 (click to enlarge)



Demo Jump onto "The Midway Aircraft Carrier ", 11-11-09 (click photo to enlarge)


Demo Jump into "Wings Over Gillespie", 06-06-09 (click photo to enlarge)



Demo Jump into San Francisco, 08-9-09 (click photo to enlarge)



New World Record-400 way, February 8, 2006. Udon Thani, Thailand

Read about the record jump experience and see my --357 formation video

skydiving recordskydiving record


My 1st Airplane 2007 to 2011 : Beech Skipper N38062

2010 Flight to 10 states including new ones, Montana and Idaho and BC

2009 Flight to the Western Cascades

2009 Flight to Baja, all the way to Cabo.

2008 Flight to BC and the San Juan Islands

2007 soloflight from San Diego to Montreal

2007 air to air shots along the La Jolla coastline

skydiving record 2004


My 3000th jump, on a 2 pt 60 way, Z Hills Florida, April 9, 2005

record jump

Tough 107 way over Perris, Oct 2005 . skydiving formation

freefall formationsBest sequential ever over Perris, July 2006 . view a compilation jpeg of the jumps

freefall skydiving

Best sequential ever over Perris, July 2005 . view a compilation jpeg of the jumps


50 way birthday jump for Paul over Perris, May 2005

large skydiving group


Good skydives over Punte del Este, Uruguay, in Feb 2005. view a compilation jpeg of Uruguay

uruguay skydiving

    World Record Two Point Sequential 121 way, Z Hills Florida, April 18, 2004

    florida skydiving record


    Click on the thumbnail below for larger images of my extracurricular activities!

Angel Falls, Venezuela, Base Jump 2001

Download the story and MOVIE with all the pics!
angel falls base jump

the pics up to the launch point
angel falls, venezuela

a long way
down ......
angel falls freefall

mist on my

Novelty Fun Skydiving Jumps

1 meg Movie of beach demo jump at Coronado, CA 2003

biplane ride

Hanging upside down from a Pitts in Quincy Illinois 2000

Helo ride and dive out of a Bell 206 in Quincy Illinois

Landing at the track in front of 100,000 or so

Opening day into the Fontana Raceway practice, 1997

Jumped this 1965 Paracommander on my 1999th jump in 1999

Tandem gift for nephew Robs 18th

My PD Spectre 120

parker, az

Sunset over Parker AZ 4-02

Skydiving over Parker AZ, April 02

C-130 Hercules jumps over Sweden at the Hercules Boogie, 2002

Big Sequential over England Summer 2004





Other Adventures

b-17 ride

A memorable ride in a WW2B-17 Flying Fortress, birthday '00

A swim and a kiss with Princess, an affectionate dolphin in Nassau

fouga jet

Great ride in a 1952 FOUGA, jet trainer for my birthday present 02


Flight School, July 2005-click on the thumbnail for my Solo in Quicktime

Click here for 2 min windows media

World Records / Big Ways
World Record 246 Way, 114 Starfish, Mexican 40 over the Sea of Cortez, Elsinore night 50, 80, 112 and 125 sequential ways over Perris Valley

Biggest 2 point dive at the time/biggest round

1998 World Record-246 folk over Illinois

Night world record practice at dusk, Lake Elsinore,

3 rings, 80 folks with freeflyers over Perris, 10-2000

80 folks with whackers over Perris, 10-2000

My 200th jump, over Elsinore, May 1999

Mexican Record 40 way over Sea of Cortez

Night record over Elsinore, one cold night in 4-2000

Going up to set a record with oxygen masks plugged in

Otters and Casas in formation for 246 record-8-98

112 way over Perris Valley in November 2001

125 way over Perris Valley in September 2003

Backpacking Excursions
Kearsarge Pass, 11,700', with Bob Penny, 12 miles north of Mt. Whitney, and the approach to it from the lower lakes above Onion Valley, near Independance, CA. Scotland, 2000, bagging the 10 Monroes of the Glen Afric

Half Dome Climb-2003


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