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About Duffy Fainer Duffy's Voiceovers/Narrations Entertainment Messaging On-Hold Client Listing Skydiving Adventures

Duffy Fainer has a smooth warm voiced narrative style for industrial and commercial voiceover's, along with several animated character voices. Described as "warm, sincere, friendly, authoritative, conversational and clear".

Commercials, on hold messages, telephone greetings, instructional and industrial video production.

He was the Olympic Yachting announcer and producer in LA '84 and Atlanta '96.

With his home studio he can quickly deliver your narration right to your computer. Call for auditions or custom demos of your script.

Rates: $125 per production hour, which produces the final edited broadcast quality audio file. Average working time is one hour per 4 minutes of finished voiceover, but varies with the complexity of the script and musical under bed. Generally, 150 words (one page) generates 1 minute of comfortably paced dialogue. Please ask for a quote and audition.

Clients include:

Bard Pharmaceuticals Corporate Identity Video (mp3)

Eurocopter Safety Award video for MedFlight of Ohio

Fantastic Sams Stylists awards #1 (mp3)

Fantastic Sams Stylists awards #2 (mp3)

An instructional video for military class roster instruction. Typical of my instructional voiceovers.
2 minute quicktime video.

A medley of character voices, industrial narrations and more 2 minute audio only demo [2 megs Windows Media]:

or: In MP3 format

: duffy@voicebyduffy.com

P: 619-921-4547